Cyber Resilience

The grid has not kept pace with modern cybersecurity measures. It remains vulnerable to the type of attacks that caused the Ukrainian Blackout of 2015. Grid resilience efforts must combat cyber threats.

physical Resilience

Outages have been induced by physical attacks ranging from high-powered automatic weapons to mylar balloons. Grid resilience efforts must include physical security.

EMP Resilience

Electromagnetically charged particles have induced outages through high-altitude nuclear weapon tests and natural occurrences like the Quebec Solar Storm of 1989. Grid resilience efforts must account for human-made and natural threats.


The National Commission on Grid Resilience  (NCGR) identifies and promotes national strategic policy initiatives to ensure the security and resilience of the U.S. electrical grid. The Commission serves to: (1) generate and focus interest from the public and private sector on grid security and resilience; (2) facilitate bipartisan support for national grid innovation efforts; (3) develop an actionable, nonpartisan road map for grid innovation; and (4) inform legislative and executive branch priorities. ​

The Commission

General Wesley K. Clark (USA, ret.) is a businessman, educator, writer and Commentator. General Clark serves as Chairman and CEO of Wesley K. Clark & Associates.
As former Chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, Congressman Issa served as the top government watchdog in Congress.
Kevin Knobloch is President of New York OceanGrid LLC, where he has led Anbaric’s efforts to develop offshore wind transmission in New York since April 2018.
Daniel B. Poneman is president and chief executive officer of Centrus Energy Corp. He also serves on the company’s board of directors.
General Paul Kern (USA, ret.) is a Senior Counselor with The Cohen Group. He is currently a Director with LGS Innovations, and a member of the CoVant Board of Managers.
Gueta Mezzetti is an advanced technology and start-up thought leader, Board builder, government relations strategist and fundraiser.
Norman Augustine is a member of the American Philosophical Society, the National Academy of Sciences and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Commission Report

Grid Commission’s Final Report

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